Below are a number of projects I've worked on personally, some of which have public source code that can be viewed on my GitHub.

Newly Listed

Find deals before they appear on the eBay website/app.

Technologies: Laravel 5, AngularJS, Pusher, Bootstrap, SASS, MySQL, eBay API

Game Collecting

Game, system and accessory collection tool, custom blog, leaderboards and much more. Contains over 9000 games. Also utilises and extends the Newly Listed service (see above) allowing custom search filters such as reseller, price, condition and other filtering.

Technologies: Laravel 5, AngularJS, Pusher, Bootstrap, SASS, MySQL, PayPal API


Real time chat room built using AngularJS and Pusher.

Technologies: AngularJS, Pusher, Bootstrap, SASS
Code available on GitHub here

Nurburgring Info

No longer maintained but worthy of a mention. At it's peak it got thousands of visitors each week, the app still gets a fair amount of use.

Technologies: CodeIgniter, jQuery, MySQL

Various Android Apps
Various Android Apps

Nurburgring Info, New York City Spotters Guide and Commission Calculator.

Please note: These apps are no longer maintained and may not be availble for download anymore.


I've built upwards of 20 affiliate marketing websites (most no longer online) and ranked number 1 on Google for some very competitive hospitality and retail keywords.

I once designed and built an odds aggregation website that I later sold to a sports betting company. I've also wrote a football results algorithm that was used in a betting tips app (link available on request).

I've also developed a popular Google Chrome Extension with 8000+ active users (link available on request).